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INTEGRA Template INTEGRA in Reconstructive Surgery
Product Description and Benefits Pre-Operative Guidelines
Indications for Use Operating Room Supplies
Product Makeup/Histology Excision to Viable Tissue
Clinical Sequence Adequate Vascular Supply
Section Summary Maintaining Meticulous Hemostasis
  Uniform and Flat
Case Studies - Burn surgery Section Summary
Electrical/Flame Burn  
Burns to Lower Extremities Application
Burns to Upper and Lower Extremities Intra-Operative guidelines
Fascial Burn Estimating the Number and Size of Sheets
Section Summary Product Preparation
  Meshing and Handling
Case Studies - Reconstructive Surgery Placement, Shaping and Cutting
Resurfacing a Keloid on a Chin Stapling and Suturing
Release of a Contracted Axilla Dressing
Scar revision - Lower Chin Section Summary
Hypertrophic Scarring Contracture Release  
Contracture Release Breast Reconstruction Post-Op Care
Section Summary Neodermis formation
  Inspection and care of the Neodermis
IDRT Section Summary Movement/outpatient care
Fluid accumulation
INTEGRA in Burn Surgery Purulence/infection
Excision Premature silicone separation
Pre Operative Guidelines Section Summary
Complete Excision of Non-Viable Tissue  
Uniform and Flat Wound Bed Reconstructive Surgery Summary
Adequate Vascular Supply  
Meticulous Hemostasis
Infection Free Wound Bed Epidermal Grafting
Section Summary Silicone Removal
  Inspect and Prepare Neodermis
Application Harvesting the Thin Epidermal Graft
Intra-Operative Guidelines Attaching the Thin Graft
Estimating the Number and Size of Sheets Epidermal Graft Post-Op Care
Product Preparation Section Summary
Meshing and Handling  
Placement, Shaping and Cutting
Stapling and Suturing Procedure Videos
Dressings Process of dermal regeneration from a full-thickness burn injury
Section Summary
Post-Op Care Process of dermal regeneration from
reconstructive surgery
Neodermis formation
Signs of mature Neodermis  
Dressing regimen Process of the excision of affected tissue
Bolstering and splinting  
Frequency of dressing changes Technique of meshing INTEGRA
Positioning the patient  
Moving and turning the patient Application of stapling and suturing INTEGRA
in place
Anti-shear techniques
Physical Therapy  
Large Hematoma Silicone removal prior to epidermal grafting
Small, late forming Hematoma  
Fluid accumulation Inspecting and preparing the Neodermisfor epidermal grafting
Infection at staple  
Areas of non-take Technique of harvesting a thin epidermal graft
Section Summary  
  Technique of attaching the thin epidermal graft
Burn Surgery Summary  
  This video demonstrates terminally sterilized product preparation
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