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In this section, you have learned:

  • INTEGRA Template is indicated for the post-excisional treatment of life threatening full-thickness or deep partial-thickness thermal injuries where sufficient autograft is not available at the time of excision or not desirable due to the physiological condition of the patient.

  • INTEGRA Template is also indicated for the repair of scar contractures when other therapies have failed, or when donor sites for repair are not sufficient or desirable due to the physiological condition of the patient.

  • INTEGRA Template is a bi-layer skin replacement system available in meshed and non-meshed configurations and comprised of a dermal regeneration layer and a temporary epidermal layer. Within the dermal regeneration layer the collagen-glycosaminoglycan (GAG) matrix provides an environment for cellular infiltration, native collagen deposition, and neovascularization. This biodegradeable template induces the organized regeneration of dermal tissue by the body. The result, "Neodermis", is functionally normal dermis produced without skin appendages.

  • The Stern study demonstrated an intact dermis was achieved with regrowth of apparently normal reticular and papillary dermis. In addition, no scar formation appeared at any time during the course of healing in any of the biopsies of the patients examined.

  • In the first surgical procedure the wound is excised to viable tissue and INTEGRA Template is applied. Over the next 2-3 weeks, the dermal layer is regenerated while simultaneously degrading the collagen-GAG matrix. The biodegradable template induces organized regeneration of normal dermal tissue ("Neodermis") by the body. At approximately 21 days, in a second surgical procedure following dermal regeneration, the silicone layer is removed and a thin epidermal autograft 0.004-0.006 inches (0.1016 - 0.1524 millimeters) is applied. The thin donor site will heal faster and can be harvested more frequently than conventional donor sites which are typically 2-3 times deeper. Engraftment and confluence of the epidermal graft complete the process in about 30 days from the first procedure.
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