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The New INTEGRA™ Meshed Bilayer Wound Matrix may be used in conjunction with negative pressure wound therapy. The wound matrix also allows drainage of wound exudate and provides a flexible adherent covering for the wound surface.
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• American Society for Surgery of the Hand   Annual Meeting (ASSH)
  Washington State Convention Center,   Seattle, WA
  9/10/2015 - 9/12/2015

• Mid Atlantic Shoulder and Elbow Society   (MASES)
  Washington DC
  9/18/2015 - 9/18/2015

• Integra DPM East
  Tampa, FL (CAMLS lab)
  9/18/2015 - 9/19/2015

• Lower Limb Plastic and Orthopedic Skills   Course
  Rosemont, IL (OLC lab)
  9/25/2015 - 9/26/2015


Trel-XPress™ 100, Trel-XPress™ 300 and Trel-XPress™ 300c Demineralized Bone Matrix Courseware is now on-line.
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new on-line courseware now available

Nerve and Tendon Collagen Solutions courseware
is now on-line.
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Forefoot Solutions™ courseware is now on-line.
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Mid & Hindfoot Solutions™ courseware is now on-line.
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Upper Extremity Solutions™ courseware is now on-line.
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INTEGRA™ Bilayer Matrix Wound Dressing. An advanced wound care device that is ideal for partial and full-thickness soft tissue trauma and chronic wounds
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INTEGRA™ Matrix Wound Dressing courseware is now on-line. We added to your treatment options by taking something away. INTEGRA's new single layer matrix wound dressing.
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new products

The INTEGRA™ Total Wrist
Fusion System
is designed
to provide fixation of the wrist
while decreasing soft tissue irritation during total wrist arthrodesis.
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NeuraWrap™ nerve
is an absorbable collagen implant that provides a non-constricting
encasement for injured peripheral nerves for protection of the neural environment.
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