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Spider™ - Application of the Spider™ Plate
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    Application of the Spider™ Plate

  • After appropriate packing of the bone graft, the Spider™ plate is then aligned to allow maximum screw placement in each of the four bones (Figure 6)
  • Two screws can be placed within each of the four bones
  • Using the Spider™ Plate Holder/Drill Guide instrument, ensure that the plate is at or below the level of the remaining carpus (recessed)
  • Confirm proper alignment and ensure adequate recession of the plate, utilizing fluoroscopy to obtain M/L and A/P views
  • Holding the plate in appropriate alignment and using the Drill Guide, a 1.5mm drill bit is used to place an index screw (fix this screw in the lunate)
  • Utilize the Drill Guide to perform the first drilling of the carpal bone. This allows alignment of the plate and appropriate centralization of the drill through one of the holes in the Spider™ Plate
    (Figure 7).
  • Do not tighten first screw placed into the lunate; simply post the screw
  • Drill a second hole for screw placement in a diametric orientation to the lunate screw to balance the plate upon initial fixation
  • The remaining holes in the Spider™ plate can be drilled utilizing the drill guide to allow several degrees of freedom in the placement of the screws themselves
  • Initially, place one screw in each of the four bones, utilizing the 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm length, with the 2.4mm diameter cancellous self-tapping screws to fix the plate down
  • 2.8mm cancellous self-tapping screws can be utilized as salvage screws through the plate should problems occur with the 2.4mm screws that involve lack of purchase in the carpus

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