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Uni-Clip® Compression Staple - Surgical Technique
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The Uni-clip® Compression staple is a mechanical osteosynthesis device allowing for compression between two bone fragments. The application of this device is easy, however, it is necessary to understand the principles as well as its limits.

The The Uni-clip® Compression staple is manufactured from surgical stainless steel. Compression is achieved by a manual and controlled deformation of the shape of the olive. This staple can be applied in different indications such as:

  • Phalangeal shortening osteotomies
  • Austin osteotomy
  • Scarf osteotomy
  • Lisfranc arthrodesis and other indications in the midfoot

The phalangeal shortening osteotomy is well known today. It will reduce the excessive length of the great toe, or, it will reduce the phalangeal lever arm. A diaphysial phalangeal wedge will be carefully removed. The resection will be cylindrical for a stand alone shortening. However, it will be trapezoidal in order to achieve variation and/or rotation (supination) combined with the shortening.

Mostly, the osteosynthesis devices which are offered to the surgeons for fixation are too complex or not in compliance with the surgical practice when a simple, efficient and quick osteosynthesis is required.

The Uni-clip® Compression staple allows fixation and compression of the bone fragments in order to achieve an early bone healing. The following information will clarify its use and go "step by step" through the surgical technique.

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