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Insertion of the Screw / Positioning the Locking Screw / Locking the System / Compression Device
(Oblong Holes)
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As the distributor of this device, Integra Lifesciences Corporation does not practice
medicine and does not recommend this or any other surgical technique for use on a
specific patient. The surgeon who performs any implant procedure is responsible for determining and using the appropriate techniques for implanting the device in each patient.

Insertion of the Screw

  • Insert the screw with the screwdriver (219 127ND - 219 227ND) into the prepared hole until screw head comes in contact with the plate (figure 16 - 17). The screw should be fully seated in the plate.
  • Clean the threaded hole before and after introducing the screw
  • Maintain co-axiality between the screw and the threaded hole

Positioning the Locking Screw

  • Assemble the Locking screw to the screwdriver (219 127ND) (figure 18)
  • Lock screws should be inserted after each screw, and before preparation and insertion of the subsequent screw. This prevents potential damage to threaded holes.
  • Note that the spherical shaped Locking screw of the Surfix®-Alpha screw has to be inserted perpendicularly to the plate in order to be screwed properly.

Locking the System

  • Fully seat the Locking screw in the plate hole (figure 19)
  • The Surfix® Locking screw should be flush with the top of the plate when it is fully inserted
  • The Locking screw on the head of the screw should block the hole of the plate remaining parallel to the plate (the screw is maintained in an oblique position)

Compression Device (Oblong Holes)

  • Once all the circular holes are fixed, the oblong one can be fixed. Surfix® standard screws are inserted as described in the previous steps, without any locking with the Locking screws
  • Warning: Do not use the Surfix® Alpha screw in the oblong holes of the plate
  • The central K-wire should be removed when solid fixation of the plate
    is achieved

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