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Plate Fixation
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As the distributor of this device, Integra Lifesciences Corporation does not practice
medicine and does not recommend this or any other surgical technique for use on a
specific patient. The surgeon who performs any implant procedure is responsible for determining and using the appropriate techniques for implanting the device in each patient.

  • Once the correct size and type of plate have been chosen, and adequate alignment has been achieved, a 1.0mm diameter K-wire is inserted through the central hole of the corresponding final plate in the metatarsal head for temporary stabilization. The K-wire allows for rotation of the plate in order to reach the ideal position.

    Available Locking Screws (figure 10):

  • Surfix® screws 2.7mm/3.0mm, length 10 to 24 mm and Surfix® Alpha screws 2.7mm/3.0mm (variable angle screws), length 10 to 24mm
  • Screws are color-coded for easy identification
  • Torx screwdriver (219 127ND) can be used for both locking and non-locking screws




  • The choice of using Surfix® or Surfix® Alpha locking screws (2.7mm or 3.0mm) depends on the need for angulation and orientation of the screw (figure 11).
  • The larger diameter screw (3.0mm) should be chosen to achieve optimal stability when bone quality is poor
  • The oblong holes allow compressive screw fixation. Surfix® screws should be placed in the oblong holes without the lock screw.
  • The central K-wire should be removed when solid fixation of the plate is achieved
  • Screws should be inserted into the extremity holes first and then the middle


    Do not use the Surfix® Alpha screw in the oblong holes of the plate. Screw and lock-screw insertion in each threaded hole of the HALLU®-Lock plates are mandatory to have good stability, specifically in the four extremity holes of the HALLU®-Lock S plate.

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